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Kamloops Daily News – Feb 14/06


Published in the Kamloops Daily News – Feb 14/06  –  PONTIAC PASSION

Every since I can remember I have had a passion and love for horses, cars and boys.  I loved to ride the horses after school on the flats at Southlands in Vancouver and I eventually became a proud owner of my first horse with the help of my father.  My father also helped me purchase a beautiful 1964 Pontiac Parisienne convertible in 1974.  I still needed and wanted the love of a boy.  I met my future husband and soul mate on a blind date arranged by mutual friends by the Fraser River in Vancouver and we spent a magical romantic evening together.  It was a wonderful end to a perfect day of riding horses and driving my car with the rag top down.  The place we met at the river was where my friends and I hung out with our cars after cruising the streets of South Vancouver looking for boys.  The first thing the couple who introduced us did was leave us alone to get acquainted and we were not sure how it would play out but that evening flew by and before I knew it he had followd my home in his car to make sure I made it safely.  We also had out first kiss that night in the car and I knew it was love at first sight.  He showed up the next day dressed in a suit to take me to dinner with a bouguet of roses and really impressed my father and mother.  We have not been spiritually apart since and that was 29 years ago.  We were married on February in 1979 in Vancouver so that we could enjoy a romantic Valentine Hawaiian honeymoon.  I still have the love and passion for horses and my soul mate even has his own horse; a lovely Palomino mare.  With my teaching, he learned to ride horses with a few unexpected trips to the ground.  We now spend many wonderful and relaxing hours together riding the hills and trails around our Pritchard home.  We also enjoy spending time with our two grown boys and five dogs.  The car traveled with us all over the Province with my husband’s career changes, spending many years in barns and under tarps.  Those years were not so kind to the car.  Now that the kids are grown, in 2005 we were finally able to complete our dream of restoring the car to the condition it was in when we first met.  In September, we drove the car to Las Vegas and we renewed our wedding vows and our passion for each other in the now restored car at a drive-thru chapel after 26 years of marriage; completing our dream.  We plan to spend many more romantic and loving years traveling the highways and byways of the world with the rag top down and enjoying life together.  Check out our website her64.com for the rest of the story.  Carolyn

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