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Calgary Sun-Oct 12/07

Appraisal PhotosPerfect pasture for Poncho Her ’64 convertible roams free in the B.C. sun

Just because a guy is on vacation doesn’t mean he doesn’t work.  While on the Cross-Canada Hot Rod Tour in July, we stopped in Kamloops.  The group was given a police escort down to the A & W on the north side, where we were treated like royalty.  Naturally, all the cars were new to me, so I left the Shorty (his car) on its own and walked around.  One of the cars I stopped to admire was a newly restored dark blue 1964 Pontiac convertible.  People are friendly here, so I struck up a conversation with Carolyn, the owner.  The licence plate read “HER 64”.  Carolyn and her husband, Wolf, told me how they had restored the care and that it was needed a new appraisal.  Bingo! My accreditation is national, so I offered my services.  When Carolyn graduated from high school in 1974, she bought the 10-year old car for $1,000.00.  Her dad co-signed the bank loan, and she was confident she could make the $98 payments.  There’s just nothing like a convertible, and B.C. has some of the nicest scenery in the world.  One night a couple of years later, a few of Carolyn’s friends arranged a blind date with Wolf.  It was magic, their friends recognized the ignition, and left them alone to get acquainted.  They found their love of horseback riding and convertibles were a common bond, and three years later they were married.  The Poncho was their daily driver for the first few years, but it became less practical once the two boys came along.  Beside, it was showing wear and tear by now.  They purchased reliable, but unexciting transportation, and the convertible was stored in a barn for a while.  It was, by now, part of the family.  Several career moves had them all over B.C., and sometimes there was no shelter.  The next best thing became a plastic tarp, but these were unkind to the paint finish.  Eventually, one does get ahead, and moves back to the warmer climates.  In 1997, the couple moved from Prince George to Pritchard, east of Kamloops.  Although it was -20C, Carolyn and her youngest son was bundled up with enough vests, scarves and jackets to be mistaken for the Michelin Man.  The convertible top was full of holes, and the heater wasn’t much use.  Wolf is quick to point out he offered to drive, but Carolyn insisted she be allowed to wheel her car back to their new home.  The trip was not unlike riding a motorcycle in the cold, and required stops every few miles to thaw out.  As they drove into the yard, the engine quit, as if to say “enough”.  With the boys now grown and on their own, Wolf and Carolyn began the restoration project.  There was little rust, so the rear quarters were repaired.  The trunk floor was also rebuilt.  The new Royal Blue Metallic paint was power polished and a new top and rear window were installed.  A new full interior was stitched up in the stock pattern.  Tunes were handled by an AM/FM/CD Satellite radio system, neatly tucked into the govebox.  The original 283-V8 was taken to Valley Speed for a rebuild.  They rebored the cylinders and installed hardened valve seats to accommodate unleaded gas.  The two-speed Powerglide was rebuilt, and the radiator upgraded to a triple-core unit.  An HEI replaces the points type distributor.  When the front end was renewed, the primitive ram type power steering was replaced by a new (1972) box.  This is a big improvement.  The mags are upgraded to 15-in., with 60-series radials.  Stainless Steel Brakes Corp. supplied the conversion to four-wheel disc brakes.  Their power booster fits in the stock location and gives the added safety of a dual system.  In 2005, the car was finished, the top lowered, and immediately taken on a 5,000 mile trip to Las Vegas.  After 26 years of marriage Wolf and Carolyn renewed their vows at a drive-through wedding Chapel.  In July, they put the top down again, and drove to Regina to attend their son’s graduation from the RCMP Academy.  For their next venture, they’re planning a top-down trip across Canada from coast to coast.  That’s perfect, the Cross Canada Hot Rod Tour is talking of going to the East Coast next year.  Where do we sign up?  Photos and article by Nelson Racing, Classic Affair.  Fred Nelson is an accredited local appraiser who owns and operates Nelson Racing.  You can reach him at (403)242-3856

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Hippie Daze – Aug 18/07

DSCF1608_1Hello Everyone;   I wanted to share with all of you a fun event in Kitsilano in Vancouver on Saturday, August 18, 2007 that my mother and I attended (Wolf had to stay home and study for his air brake exam. Bummer).  The “Hippie Daze Car Show and Shine” was held on West 4th Avenue between Burrard and Arbutus streets in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver.  It was the anniversary of the “Summer of Love” (1967 – 2007) and those who were in Vancouver in the late 1960’s you will remember that the Kit’s area became home to the hippies in an era of psychedelic clothing, long hair, bare feet, girls in gypsy shirts and wildly painted Volkswagen mini-buses and other vehicles including old school buses and vans.  It was the time of free love, rallies for peace, sit-ins and a time of great bands and music.  While I was a little young to participate in the 1960’s movement it still influences my life today. So it was with great anticipation that I sent in my $15 entry fee in July having found the ad for the show and shine on the internet.  I was not disappointed.  West 4th Avenue was closed to traffic and became a pedestrian mall.  As West 4th is a four lane street the cars were parked in the center of the street rather than along the curbs on either side.  While this parking configuration limited the number of automobile entries to 100 the folks walking down West 4th had lot’s of room and did not crowd the cars or each other.  Everyone attending the Hippie Daze venue, both spectators and participants, were encouraged to dress in either hippie or 60’s attire and lot’s of folks did.  The bands played all of the greats from the decade including the Beatles, Monkeys and hard rock.  There was a whole pig on a spit roasted on the street (and sold out quickly, I might add) and lot’s of vendors as well as “hippie” things to do.  I was not disappointed and just had a really groovy time!  And to add to the fun my car won two awards, one voted on by the car show participants for best in class and one for the farthest distance traveled by a participant! This event is a couple of years old and is growing in popularity and I was told it is to be held every year.  I am certainly planning to return next year and if you are interested and would like more information please go to the web site at “kitsilano-4thavenue.com” and then to their events page.  Love and peace! Groovy… Carolyn1065

This is a picture that was taken of our son and his wife when he gradutated from RCMP Depot – July 2007.  It was an amazing and emotional trip for us and we are really proud of his accomplishments.

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