Her64 Pontiac

1964 Pontiac Parisienne

Summer 2009

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In June of 2009, we traveled to the Stampede in Calgary, Alberta for the first time.  It was a marvelous trip and fun to see all of cowboys, cowgirls and their  horses.  We really enjoyed the parade in downtown Calgary.  They put on a great grand stand show and everyone should check it out.  We then traveled to Grand Prairie, Alberta to visit our son Karl and his wife Johanna.  Then it was off to Prince George to visit our other son Chris and his wife Michelle.  We almost drowned in a prairie storm as all older convertibles leak but we arrived stafely after driving through the Pine Pass and back into British Columbia.  We attended as many car shows and parades as time would allow this summer.  We could not attend all events as we were on fire watch for most of August and September as our home is situated at the base of Martin Mountain in Pritchard.   We watched to whole top of our mountain burn but thankfully we did not have to evacuate our home or animals.  We are looking forward to next summer enjoying our rolling sundeck again.  For now it is covered and enjoying a well deserved rest in the garage.  Happy trials to all.


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