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1964 Pontiac Parisienne

Canada Trip June 5 to July 25/08

Canada Trip – June 5 – July 25, 2008

My dream of driving my 1964 Pontiac Pairisenne convertible across Canada finally came true after many over twenty years of dreaming.  2931Although it was because the love of my life was informed that he only had a short time to live.  So one winter’s evening we sat down and decided that I would take a leave of absence from my job and we would drop everything and take off on a great adventure across Canada and return through the USA in our restored 1964 convertible.  We arrange for a neighbour to take care of all of our critters and had the car thoroughly checked to make sure that it was sound and ready for the journey and we took off one early June morning to see Canada.

We traveled to Jasper to visit with our son Karl and had a wonderful horse ride in the mountains.  After that it was off through the mountains 38 (2)and on to the prairies.  The 283 engine was meant to be driven and was really reliable climbing up hills and just cruised the prairies with ease.  We did have a little trouble with some smoke coming out of the dashboard as the cooler that we had in the trunk was pulling too much juice and almost caused a fire.  We unpluged it and with only a slight hesitation we continued on our adventure.  I now have the new title of “Ace” as I spent one whole afternoon in rural Saskatchewan trying to terminate the lives of prairie dogs that seemed to want to stand in the middle of the road in front of the car.  We stayed in small out of the way motels and hotels and with only a few exceptions we did not have trouble finding a place to lay our heads at the end of a long day of driving.  We met some of the most interesting and wonderful people on our trip and have kept in touch after our return home.  Even a couple from Vernon only about 45 minutes away from where we live.  We saw them traveling the opposite way we were going, waived and wondered who was traveling in a vintage convertible towing a trailer.  They were at a car show that we attended in Miramichi, New Brunswick and we found out that they lived in Vernon.  We were invited to dinner by a couple that had a 1959 pink Cadillac and we enjoyed a wonderful evening on the deck of their house by the river.  Then it was off to expore the east coast including a trip to PEI and Newfoundland.

6038The bridge to PEI is something to see although you cannot see anything from the bridge from the convertible.  My relatives are from the Island and were instrumental in the starting the fox breeding in PEI.   We visited a museum that is a tribute to the fox industry and saw the original home that my grandmother was raised in.  It was then off to Newfoundland.   There are a lot of pot holes in Newfoundland and we had to travel the roads as if we were playing a video game to avoid them.  We did find an ice burg close enough to get a picture of and this was one of the highlights of our trip.  I as extremely sea sick on the return voyage as it was 13 hours of heavy seas.  I now know that I am a land lover.  My husband had a few medical incidents on the trip but consider his diagnosis he did very well.  9016

Gas was the major cost of the trip as the price was at its highest but it was money well spent. We entered the USA in early July to try and save gas costs and experience the eastern USA.  The freeways in the USA are wonderful but there are many tolls and you do not get to see the countryside.  The first toll booth that we encountered was interesting as I only had Canadian money and I asked if they would take a loonie and the cashier said sure.  We deadheaded for home as the heat was unbelievable around the great lakes.  We would start the day at 5:00 am and pull into a motel by 2:00 pm as even with the top up we could not stand the heat.  We hit the 10,000 mile mark in South Dakota and sailed into Canada, glad to be home.  After only a couple of days at home we had to travel to Prince George to help our son and his wife move into their first home.

9811Finally home we are really glad that we took the trip and we have many wonderful memories of our adventure in our rolling sundeck.  I wish that everyone could experience Canada this way and I would do it again in a minute.



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